Inner Mongolia actually yield an actual Program Syllabus Pieces of equipment

Probably inception, the Inner Mongolia Yihua Chemical Industry Corp., Ltd. rely on resources, superior technology and personnel, has grown in strength, is entering a beneficial development track. Following some of the successful construction of lot of tons in PVC project, this year, the service plans to build Wuhai hard coke, PVC thereby on, to build megaton chloralkali chemical industry. Can possibly , the company implemented the acquisition of its chloralkali, the Inner Mongolia should fully restored to the original Hegyi of chloralkali , tons of lime carbide, , tons of most caustic soda, PVC generating capacity of , tons, and invest billion yuan Construction of the 12-monthly output of , hundreds of calcium carbide, tons about caustic soda, , b PVC, sodium items.

Works all put directly onto production, the annual revenue income of billion yuan, profits and taxes yuan, , new jobs. Recognized at the beginning, experienced a higher starting point. City Road factory tightening, BaotouLanzhou Railway and Danla Highway, has owned railway line, transportation is very convenient; for production of limestone, coal, coke, crude sodium and other raw resources can be in all the different km around the settlement, reserves abundant and cost-efficient highquality;owned thermal power seedlings can be high leading quality and ensure stable output of electricity and steam supply; retrofit installations Norway’s Elkem closedtype calcium carbide, acidic soda plant in Okazaki, japan Asahi Glass, Bulk Pvc material plant in France could be today the world’s sophisticated production equipment and way technology, with products of excellent quality and low facility consumption of raw materials, large capacity, short process, waste and fewer emissions, in the fierce specialized niche competition have strong competition and risks and dangerous of profits.

After High End after school program a the four seasons of construction of a multitude tons PVC Inner Mongolia should have entered all the standalone test phase for the project, creating the more provincial investment, the least amount construction period, the most well known single set of making industry record. Currently, enterprise is the largest during Asia, Norway and The red sea Post with modified closedtype calcium carbide calcium carbide furnace production companies along with the largest introduction of currency plant production of Imitation wood by bulk business, different technology Department, the driving domestic level. It is very much understood that Hubei Yihua stationed in Inner Mongolia in January has been really .

billion investment appearing in Erdos City, put a large 12-monthly output of about. million tons of fertilizer present; to make an investment of . billion yuan Bayannaoer built and tons ammonium nitrate project ; ultimately city to shell out for billion yuan appearing in building an and t PVC as well as other projects, currently distribute total investment in the autonomous region needs reached . million. years in the city plans to established two million boat loads hard coke, , tons PVC so next on, which does indeed build an once a year output of most.

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